Building Brand Awareness and Opportunities through Tradeshow & Event Marketing

One of the things that sets us apart from so many other creative agencies is that we know how to take your brand on the road. If you’re planning to exhibit at a tradeshow, conference, expo, gala, festival, or any other kind of event, make HGX your first stop.

Event marketing happens long before you and your potential customers set foot in the venue, and it can be overwhelming without the right partner to help.

At HGX, we can help with all of the above and then some. Of course, if all you really need this time around is some help coming up with promotional swag, we can do that too. We adjust our approach according to your needs.

Let’s talk strategy! Contact us. 



 Some of the things we can help with are:

• Strategy. Are you promoting a specific product/service? What is the best way to brand your exhibit space or venue? Do you need a fully custom-built environment, or will modular, more portable display materials accomplish the same goals? What marketing materials do you need to have on hand. How can you create a unique and memorable experience for those who attend?

• Event marketing. How will you market the event to current and potential customers? How will you reach attendees pre and post event? Will you promote your participation across social, your website and/or email?

• Game day plan. What's the itinerary for the day? Who is managing what? How will you gather leads? Field questions? Hand out marketing materials? 

• Post-event follow-up. You got all these leads. Now what? How you nurture and follow up with these leads will determine just how successful your event really was. Will you utilize direct mail or a customized email? How will you pull interested prospects through the next steps of your sales cycle? 

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